Welcome to our Lowkey RP Webstore.

When making a purchase to claim it go to our discord bot commands and do /claim and if the roles do not get added automatically contact bobmarleynug420 via discord DM or open a ticket via support category in discord to ask for support in claiming your purchase. Make sure you have the correct discord linked and you are using the correct email or your package will not be delivered correctly this is super important.

Lowkey RP does not offer any refunds under any circumstances. Once a purchase is made, it is considered final and non-refundable. This policy applies to all virtual items, subscriptions, or any other digital products offered on our webstore. Lowkey RP reserves the right to amend, modify, or update this refund policy at any time. Any changes to the policy will be effective immediately upon posting the revised version on our webstore. Users are encouraged to review our refund policy regularly to stay up to date about our webstore refund policy. By making a purchase on Lowkey RP, you acknowledge and agree to our terms outlined in this refund policy.